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Levers and Wedges

While every color and combination thereof is special, some have received more attention over time than others. Allied color pairs were early hits, with enemy color pairs trailing not far behind. Allied “shard” colors were the prominent feature of Shards of Alara and its block, and the plane of Ravnica has twice put every pair of colors on equal display. Only now, with Khans of Tarkir, do the wedges get their full due.

  • me: home alone yes time to fuck shit up and be rebellious
  • me: uses computer without headphones

Marriage is like D&D. There’s no score, house rules are up to you, and only way to “win” is to tell a good story together.

—Rich Burlew, author/artist of Order of the Stick (x)

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Rick Astley

—Never Gonna Give You Up




Alright everyone, I know we’ve all been expecting it today, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it. No questions asked. Here’s the song of the day.

are you fucking serious 

This is some next level shit.

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